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The American Dream 45
Creating Adundance For Everyone!
What Are The Benefits
What Are The Benefits?

What Are The Benefits?No equity? We can still help you save your home!

Millions of homeowners have walked away from their homes unnecessarily. Until now you probably have not found any real solutions to this crisis that is affecting 40% of all homeowners in America. So called experts will tell you to file bankruptcy, or rent a room, or give your home up. Those things are easy to say when it is not their home they are talking about.

TAD45 fight for you and trust us you want us too. We already work with lenders and can have them halt foreclosure and then we deal with them for you.

Don't lose your home. See why we fight to save thousands of Homes.

The Government Help

Thanks to the Government, It has become much easier for you to save your home! For those homeowners who are having difficulty paying their mortgages due to job loss or those who have adjustable rate mortgages which have increased significantly, or underwater, then our system can help. This system allows lenders and borrowers to work together to keep the homeowner in their home and maintain their mortgage payments.

The American Dream 45 revolutionized mortgage acceleration system is the only complete system that take care of everything for the homeowners and the banks all at the same time, by using its proprietary formula (TRMPPCAS). Because of this successful system no member will lose their home, and no bank will have to lose their investment, we Eliminate the banks need to foreclosure.

As A Member:

Discover how to pay off a 30-year mortgage in 4-5 years, So that you can start saving money!

Discover the simplicity of the TAD45 pre- paid mortgage opportunity– our revolutionary system that actually guides you through the exact process needed to pay off any mortgage in 4-5 years!

Learn The "Bankers-Secrets" Of Handling Your Money.

Pay off your mortgage early and still pay your other bills on time.

Eliminate the status quo “30 years mortgage” practice.

Introduce the reality of owning a home mortgage anywhere from 4 to 5 years on average.

Members receive a mortgage free and clear with no hidden fees.

Start – up costs and the monthly fee are reasonable. Financial obligations won’t break the bank of the members.

Under this plan there is no qualifying for a home mortgage. Qualification has already been established with the homeowner’s lender.

Potential homeowners, who may not qualify through the traditional methods, can utilize the program to collect substantial escrow payments to either purchase in cash or build to their specifications.

TAD45 work with the banks or lender on behalf of the member.

In addition; members don’t go it alone. They have their TRMPPCAS network team to collectively assist each other in reaching their goal to paying off the mortgage in full.

No selling.

The company builds your collective network team for you!



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