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The American Dream 45
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Veteran Support
Veteran's Support

Stop Veteran Homeowner Foreclosure and Homelessness! 

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Veterans You Fought for Our Country. We’ll Fight for Your Home.
From one Vet to another..…….
"Our System helps veterans pay off their mortgage—as quickly as
possible with little
To no change in their lifestyle".

Dear Veteran, are you currently at risk of losing your home? Are you having trouble getting your mortgage modification done?  Do you have issues that make it difficult to pay your mortgage? TAD45 is here to provide you with the support you’ve earned.

The primary focus of this program is to serve our Veterans because of the increasing number of Veterans losing their home to foreclosure. Our veterans with families and those especially as single heads of household should not have to return only to fight at home for a place to live.  No veteran who has served this Nation should ever lose their home to foreclosure, or live on the streets. If you are a Veteran who is in the process of losing your home, receive the support you’ve earned to get back on your feet.  TAD45 anticipates that this program will provide an opportunity to help our Veterans, and will support efforts to identify, and assist them in regaining and maintaining housing stability. I‘ve learned long ago in the Army that there are never any absolutes in life, and a goal of zero foreclosure and homeless Veterans sure sounds like an absolute. But unless we set ambitious targets for ourselves, we would not be giving this our very best efforts.

The words foreclosure and Veterans should never be used Together.  Veterans need to stay in their Homes while getting back on their feet. Veterans who are homeless or at risk of losing their Home to Foreclosure, will receive our membership services at a 10% discount off any of our plans.

TAD45 offers a unique pre-paid mortgage acceleration educational system that affords our veteran homeowners the opportunity to pre-pay their mortgage off early, with a practical hands-off approach in this distressed real estate economy. 

The American Dream 45  was created and organized on the concept that the distressed marketplace should and could be opened up to the individual Veteran or homeowner willing to take control of their financial future by actively directing their monthly mortgage payments dollars.

We have recognizing that an individual needs more than an in-depth knowledge of how the distressed mortgage marketplace works. They also need someone with experience to walk them through the process and finally, they need access to capital to make this knowledge and hard work pays off!  The American Dream 45 Incorporated, pre-paid mortgage acceleration systems addresses those needs, and much more!

When a veteran enrolls in the TAD45 systems;

The First Step:      is to be an active service member or have an honorable discharge, pay their registration fees, supply mortgage information, sign all necessary banks’ paper work. This is typically completed within two to three weeks.

The Second Step:     finished by the third or fourth week, and we the company work closely with the veteran and walks them through the entire process of the acceleration system.

The Third Step: is for the veteran to continue making all necessary payments until TAD45's acceleration payments exceed the payments of the veteran's. The exempted payments can be used as savings for any emergency.

The Benefits we offer to our Vets:

  • Military and Vets receive 10% off  regular priced plans
  • Eliminate Mortgage Foreclosure
  • Own Your Home in 3 to 5 Years Free & Clear (depending chosen package)
  • TAD45 Distribute Mortgage Debt Pre-payments to Our Member’s Lender
  • You Control Your Own Money To Spend or Save As You Like
  • No Qualifying, Selling, Recruiting, Inventory, or Meetings
  • Package Choices with Affordable monthly fees
  • Learn “How to Own a Business” Suggestions, Ideas and Support (optional)
  • Be Rest Assured, TAD45 Will NOT Operate on Greed
  • TAD45 Supports Compassion, Commitment, Confidentiality, Loyalty
  • Change the 30 years status quo to owning a home
  • Already pre-qualified for TAD45 with individual original mortgage lender

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Respecting our Vets from the Vietnam War Time



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