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The American Dream 45
Creating Adundance For Everyone!
About Us
How It Works

Understand How The American Dream45 Work

TAD45 has designed a pre-paid mortgage acceleration system that will help millions of responsible homeowners save their home as well as hundreds of dollars each month by pre-paying off their mortgages early.

Why Acceleration? Mortgage acceleration is a term given to the practice of paying off a mortgage loan faster than required by terms of the mortgage agreement.  To pre-pay is to pay in advance.  We offer a system to our members to pay their mortgage loan in advance at a faster rate from originally agreed to pay it off within 4 to 5 years.

We understand the power of a community. A place where problems are solved collectively, and experience is gained that benefits everyone. If a mistake has already been made, there is no reason for anyone to repeat it.

Think of our company as an incubator where all are interconnected —a company that wants to help you unlock the potential already contained inside you so that you can create your own sustainable success. Our company is dedicated to helping every person who is ready, discover and pursue THEIR dreams and goals of owning their home free and clear.

Thus, The American Dream 45 empowers home owners who are ready to confidently take the steps toward achieving financial independence on their own terms.  By fostering a spirit of independence and creativity, and by also empowering our employees and contractors to fulfill the American Dream 45 mission, we strive to build a team of individuals who are inspired, fulfilled and appreciated for their corporate role. By encouraging each individual to discover their own personal calling, we strive to create a proactive environment where individuals flourish as they bring their best ideas and innovative solutions to the table. We are a company where individuals can create and grow into their ideal area of contribution and responsibility.

THE AMERICAN DREAM45 will become the premiere 'MORTGAGE PAYMENT" business and entrepreneurial community in the world for people who want a viable alternative to the traditional way of doing things. By challenging the status quo, we will save homeowners worldwide and members of our community collectively tens of millions of dollars in revenue.

As a Member of The American Dream 45, you have a position in the 4 uni-level profit center  and can start referring others immediately (optional) to help build your profit center faster based on the plan you pick even before you start paying for your Membership! We will share its profits collectively and communicate cutting-edge marketing strategies in a constant, interactive manner to help people live debt free.  Many members will be able to quit their jobs and become full-time entrepreneurs and business owners, earning fair compensation for pursuing a vision that is fulfilling to them.  The American Dream45 is a real community of people with similar goals.  Regardless of prior experience, we will help provide every member with the required training, tools and resources for success in a business or industry that is fulfilling to them.  We are ordinary people redefining what it means to create your own success.  If you are a veteran or in the military, please go to our Veteran Support Page.

Take a Look at Just Some of The Benefits For Our Members

  • Eliminate Mortgage Foreclosure
  • Own Your Home in 4 to 5 Years Free & Clear (depending chosen package)
  • TAD45 Distribute Mortgage Debt Pre-payments to Our Member’s Lender
  • You Control Your Own Money To Spend or Save As You Like
  • No Qualifying, Selling, Recruiting, Inventory, or Meetings
  • Package Choices with Affordable monthly fees
  • Learn “How to Own a Business” Suggestions, Ideas and Support (optional)
  • Be Rest Assured, TAD45 Will NOT Operate on Greed
  • TAD45 Supports Compassion, Commitment, Confidentiality, Loyalty
  • Change the 30 years status quo to owning a home
  • Already pre-qualified for TAD45 with individual original mortgage lender

Our members get the most out of our services and have a few things in common:   

* They are absolutely committed to the process they set out to perform. They follow a plan that makes their mortgage performance predictable. They follow through.
* They believe in doing the right thing. It's not about the quickest result; it's about doing it right.
* They know it's about being persistent, regardless of the circumstances. It's about controlling what can be controlled and taking full responsibility for their actions.
* They tend to be "glass half full" people. They are optimists. They see the best side of everyone and every situation.
* These are the people who get the most out of what we do. If you believe this is how you are, then The American Dream 45  is for you.


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